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Fife Lake Eagle Loon

August/September 2021 FLT Supervisor’s Newsletter

Dear Fife Lake Township,

I hope this newsletter finds you well in body and spirit. Your township board has been working hard to make Fife Lake Township an even better place to live. They are working on a noise ordinance, a short term rental ordinance, lake access preservation and finalizing the zoning for marihuana businesses. The board has also been working on many improvements to our cemetery. Our zoning administrator and attorney are walking us through the process of addressing blight in the township. We have a few “blight hotspots” in the township that we are hoping to resolve. It is not an easy process to get residents to comply without engaging the full extent of the law. But, we are willing to do so for the health, safety and welfare of our community.

It looks as if the extra measures such as the speed signal, crosswalks, extra stop sign(s) and walkway signs The Village of Fife Lake has made to control the speeding issues through the village are working. The township voted to buy a speed detecting laser gun for our local sheriff to use in the township.

Hopefully, this will also help him to give warnings and citations to speeders. Thank you to everyone who has worked on speed management in our township.
One of the hot topics here at your township office has been the condition of our roads. I have reached out to residents that are suffering under the Grand Traverse County Road Commissions “Asset Management Plan.” Two groups from Fife Lake Township, The Lake Shore Drive Committee and The East Sparling Road Committee, attended the Grand Traverse County Road Commission’s August meeting. Thanks to their dedication and hard work we are making a little headway... I will leave it at that for now. I think it is important that our residents know that we are not the only township that is feeling abandoned. Other supervisors in the smaller Grand Traverse County Townships are having even greater issues than we are. They are forming a group of supervisors to address the issues we are having to the GTCRC.

I had the pleasure of attending The Michigan Loon Preservation Association’s (Biology | MLPA ( meeting last Sunday. I have always enjoyed loons, but I didn’t know much, if any about them. I sure learned a lot from this group! One thing they are working hard on is the use of alternative materials for fishing tackle and gun shell shot. Their research shows that for the price of a 12 pack of beer you can eliminate and replace any lead based items in your tackle box. It only takes one lead sinker in a loons digestive tract to kill it. There are many products available to replace lead sinkers. I am checking out Manufacturers and retailers of lead-free tackle | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ( to pick up some lead free fishing gifts for my loved ones that fish. I encourage everyone to do likewise. If you love loons you should join The Preservation Group. Individual membership is only $20.

Until nest time we meet, stay safe and stay strong.

Respectfully yours,
Gerianne Street