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The Fife Lake Cemetery


Contact current Cemetery Sexton Lisa Plamondon at 231-499-1578 for more detailed information on burial plots and general cemetery information.


Burial Fees:

Monday-Friday: $425 +$50 Sexton Fee
Saturdays: $550 +$50 Sexton Fee
Sundays: $650 +$50 Sexton Fee

Monday-Friday: $725 +$50 Sexton Fee
Saturdays: $825 +$50 Sexton Fee
Sundays: $1250 +$50 Sexton Fee


*NOTE: All burials must be completed by 4:30pm.

All foundations must be installed by the township or authorized contractor.  Call with your stone measurements for a price.  No markers may exceed 48″ inches in height or 96″ inches in width.  Foundations must be 3 inches larger on all sides than the monument.

Any company providing headstones must be insured and provide proof of insurance to the township.


Cemetery Expansion Info

The storm that came through in December caused a lot of damage to our cemeteries. We called someone in to address the trees and make it safe, however there is much debris and more trees of concern to address. We have a plan in place to have them cleaned up before Memorial Day. We have also replaced the old water system with three new frost free hydrants. The electric will be upgraded to the new building located in the center of the cemetery and the well will be turned on for these.

Plans are also underway for the expansion of the Fife Lake Cemetery. We will be clearing trees for the back half of the cemetery. There are currently no gravesites available so this expansion is necessary. We will leave screens of trees around the perimeter and also between the existing cemetery and select trees throughout.
There are also plans to include gates at the cemetery, as well as spreading of dirt to replace the construction of the water lines and also planting various perennial plants.

We know things will look ugly during the construction but the future plan will be worth it.

Should you have any questions, please contact Lisa or Cathy at 231-879-3963.

The Fife Lake Cemetery is located across the street from the Fife Lake Elementary School.   Within the boundaries of the 22.41 acre Fife Lake Cemetery lay many individual and family plots with a large area yet to be developed for cemetery internment spaces on the North side of the existing plotted area.  To the West is a natural bog that is part of the cemetery area, but will not be used as a plotted area in future land usages for cemetery planning.

Many of the older plots within the Fife Lake Cemetery represent some of the first area settlers final resting places.  Our cemetery planning board is actively working to preserve these older sites.

The Walton Cemetery off Elliott Road near Walton Junction in the southern portion of Fife Lake Township is the second cemetery under the control of the township board.  It is an area of 4.04 acres in which the existing plots for individuals and families exist.  Walton Cemetery also has room for expansion as needed to meet the needs of our residents.

Both cemeteries are working toward a perpetual care fund that will provide long term funding for care and maintenance of the overall land areas of each respective cemetery.

For cemetery fees, please refer to Chapter 101.003 in the General Law Ordinances.

For general information, please refer to Chapter 102 – Township Cemetery in the General Law Ordinances – Revised Information coming soon. 10/29/2021

loons fife lake

The Perpetual Care Fund

The perpetual care fund is set up within the Fife Lake Township budgeting process to provide a fund specifically designated for the care and maintenance of the total cemetery needs versus the care of individual plots within the cemetery. Two such funds are set up within the budget, one for each cemetery, known as the Fife Lake Township Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund and the other known as the Walton Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund.

Any funding received specifically for either of the above funds will only be expended for that designated cemetery perpetual care. Donors will be provided a signed receipt to be utilized as a tax receipt for the individual donor’s use.

The cemetery board shall advise the township board on the expenditure of the designated funds. Said expenditures will be approved via the normal township board approved expenditures at a regular meeting of the board.

Further questions or suggestions can be through the office of the clerk and/or supervisor relative to the perpetual care fund process.

To make a donation to the cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, please download the Donor Information Sheet below and take it to the Township Clerk after filling it out.

loons fife lake


Fife Lake Township has a Cemetery Committee to advise the township board on cemetery maintenance and improvements. Current Cemetery Committee Members are:  Jim Gifford, Betty Ingersoll, Anna Love, Carol Rafail, Debbie Rodriguez and Marie Voice.

Please take note as you pass the west side of the Fife Lake Cemetery that we have made several improvements including a building to store our equipment, clearing of a parking area plus benches overlooking the marsh area where many birds can be viewed.

Please view work completed by our Volunteeers

Cemetery Work

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