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Special Meeting Notice

This event has ended


The Fife Lake Township Board will hold a Special Meeting at the Fife Lake
Township Hall, 134 Morgan Street, Fife Lake, Michigan, on April 4, 2024 at 3:00pm.

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Conflict of Interest
9. Citizen Comment*See Below
a. Sky Box Drive Thru Request
b. Attorney RFPs
c. Cemetery RFPs (mowing contract)
d. Trustee Vacancy
e. Zoning Applications
12. Citizen Comment* See below
13. Board Member Updates/Comments
14. Adjournment

*Public/Citizen Comment–
Any person wishing to address the Board may state their name and address and provide a comment form to the
recording secretary. Persons may address the Board on matters or issues which are relevant and germane to
township government. No person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same matter.
The Chairperson shall control the amount of time each person shall be allowed to speak, which shall not exceed
three (3) minutes. The Chairperson may, at their discretion, allow an additional opportunity or time to speak if
determined germane and necessary to the discussion.
The Board shall not comment or respond to a person who is addressing the Board. Silence or non-response from the
Board should not be interpreted as disinterest or disagreement by the Board. Please be respectful and refrain from
personal or political attacks.
Fife Lake Township meetings (audio and video) are broadcast on our YouTube
Channel @FifeLakeTownship



Look Here for Agendas

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