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Sexton John Kelley and volunteers Lisa Plamondon and Cecil are in the process of finding the grave markers in preparation for the long awaited radar imaging of our grave sites.
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John getting the myrtle to the Hayes Manufacturing workers for transplanting.
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They did a great job for our community - give them a thank you when you see them!
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Fife Lake Township Current Events

  • Cemetery Work
  • Treasury publishes guidance on new poverty exemption options
    The Michigan Department of Treasury recently published new guidance on new poverty exemption options. Under PA 253 of 2020, legislation that was completed during December’s lame duck period, local governments have been given the option to extend additional relief opportunities to taxpayers that are eligible for the existing property tax poverty exemption.
  • Stumps and trees in the water by South Boat Launch:
    Where did those come from? The answer is nature. Those trees and stumps were actually under the water for years before they were pushed above […]
  • Logo Contest Winner
    Winner Winner!  Emily has won the Logo contest!  After careful consideration off all of the applicants… Check out the other submissions ! Click here Thank […]
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