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NOTICE TO ELECTORS residing in the Manton Consolidated Schools District


The polling location for the voters in the Township of Fife Lake, Grand Traverse County, residing in the Manton Consolidated Schools District, shall be changed to the polling location established in Liberty Township, Wexford County, for the conduct of elections

Liberty Township Hall
7478 N. 41 Rd.
Manton, MI 49601

for the Consolidated Election to be held on August 3, 2021.
Authorized by the Grand Traverse County Election Commission

Fife Lake Township Weapons Policy

Fife Lake Township and the Ambulance Authority have adopted the following weapons policy:

Fife Lake Township Weapons Policy


To prohibit non-law enforcement personnel from possessing

and storing weapons in Fife Lake Township owned buildings.


All Fife Lake Township elected officials, hired employees and volunteers.



    Policy Statement:

Fife Lake Township personnel shall not possess or store weapons

in Fife Lake Township owned buildings at any time.

Items to be excluded:  trauma shears, pocket knives.

(these items to be used by EMS or Fire Staff)


A weapon shall be defined as: 

any firearm or any weapon required to be licensed under the CPL law,

or any weapon that is against the law. (adopted 2-23-2017)

Property Check by Sheriff

Property Check

Do you own a home in Fife Lake Township or in Fife Lake Village? Are you a seasonal resident? If you answered yes to both questions and would like me to keep an eye on your place while you are basking in the sunshine for winter, then stop by the township office at 134 Morgan Street, Fife Lake. Fill our a property check request and I can keep an eye on your place while you are gone. Please keep in mind, I do not have a snowmobile or even snowshoes, so if you live on a seasonal road or you have a driveway that is extremely long, I will keep an eye on your place from a distance. Fill out the sheet in it’s entirety and I will stop by every couple of weeks. Any questions about this service, feel free to give me a call at 879-5302.

Deputy Eric Meiers

Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office
851 Woodmere Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49686

Committee Work – Paid and Volunteer Workers Needed

Fife Lake Township has paid and unpaid committee assignments that residents and interested citizens can make application for service as a member by notifying the Supervisor and/or the Clerk indicating your interest to serve as a committee member. An explanation of the type of work and schedule of meetings will be explained upon receipt of your call.


Paid Service Work Volunteer
Elections worker Civic Center South
Planning Commission Member Cemetery Planning
Zoning Board of Appeals
Board of Review Member
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